Erkal Uluslararası Nakliyat ve Ticaret A.Ş. takes following points as its guidance by means of Quality & HSE Management System within the extent of its Ship Repair & Maintenance activities;

We, as Erkal Uluslararası Nakliyat ve Ticaret A.Ş., gurantee;

  • Under the leadership of our Management to be a company defines its strategic course on international level by ensuring customer satisfaction and to perform and to complete on time with correct planning ship repair & maintenance activities with contribution of all our staff, subcontractors and suppliers within the context of international standards, legal regulations, improving technology and customer requirements
  • To fulfill all applicable local and international requirements for quality management in every stage of our production
  • To build our quality target within the frame of maximum customer satisfaction and providing reliable high quality products and services
  • To apply customer, international standards and related regulation requirements in every stage of our productions with the guidance of our Quality and HSE Management System
  • To be a role model for sectoral activities as providing safer and healthier working environment by improving continuously Quality & HSE performance
  • To perform our activities in compliance to environmental regulations and to standards of all legally-bounded institutions for minimizing our environmental effect
  • The compliance to our vision and mission to make it sure with contribution of all staff, products and services for ship repair & maintenance activities not to have effects on damaging level to air, soil and sea around shipyard area and surroundings
  • To fulfill applicable requirements as getting necessary permissions for environmental regulations in every stage of our activities
  • To prevent working accidents, occupational diseases and environmental accidents with corrective actions, to improve quality performance and to prevent waste of resources
  • To set goals by our Management with contribution of our staff in compliance with Quality & HSE policy, to take actions and to create necessary sources to achieve these goals and to sustain continuous improvement
  • To plan required trainings with reviewing opinions of everybody inside our Shipyard’s premises (employees of main and sub-contractors, class society surveyors, superintendents, suppliers, agency representatives, visitors, etc.), to apply and to evaluate efficiency of these trainings
  • To prevent work-force losses caused by environmental & working accidents and occupational diseases by monitoring accident frequency and ratios to reduce numbers compared to year before, to aim zero-environmental accident and to perform our production and activities on this regard
  • To minimize pollution and damage to environment by controlling parameters that may cause pollution, and in this regard to take necessary actions to prevent at source, to re-utilize and to recycle
  • To evaluate efficiency of whole system and to take necessary actions in result of evaluation meetings of the Management
We pledge.