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Tuzla Shipyard Strives to Full fill the below mentioned goals in the name of quality, a healthy work environment and safety.

In the leadership of our administration, our sub-contractors and suppliers participation, to prepare the projects in conformity with the top level industry standards, to deliver them in a timely fashion with keeping the customers satistifed, to become an establishment that can compete in international levels.

In order to maximize and sustain the customer satisfaction to deliver high quality, reliable services and products.

To perform our activities in conformity with environmental and OHSAS regulations and in line with the standard of the corporations whom we are legally bound with

To continuously enhance our quality, environment and OHSAS performance become more reliable and create a healthier work place and become one of a kind in sectoral works.

Applying corrective, preventive,procedures in order to minimize work related and environmental accidents. To optimize quality and prevent wasting of resources.

With participation of our workers, our administration to mark certain goals in complience with environment and OHSAS policy, To take action and provide necessary sources in order to reach these goals.

To value the suggestions of all parties working within the boundariesof our shipyard (such as, contractors, sub-contractors's workers, class society surveyors, inspectors, suppliers, agency representatives, visitors, etc) to plan the necessary education, applications and activities. To keep records of accident frequency and volume in order to reach to lesser levels compared to previous year's levels in order to minimize environmental and work related illness and accidents reducing loss of work force.

To keep environmental threats under control to minimize spills and damage to environment. To accomplish such goals to take preventive actions at source, recycle and reuse.

To take necessary actions in the administration's revision meetings and to evaluate the whole systems activities.

We pledge.