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Tuzla Shipyard has considerable experience in conversion of different types of vessels including lengthening, big scope steelworks, refurbishment of accommodations, etc.

Since 1996 conversion projects have been predominant in Tuzla Shipyard. After asuccessful conversion of FPSO Firenze in 1992 more and more conversions orders appeaed. During recent two-there years we achieved a king of a balance betwen repair and conversion projects and our latest works involve conversions of single Hull Tankers to Double Hull according to MARPOL requirements.

The Songa Saturn is a shipshape drilling unit, capable of operating in water depths up to 3,300 feet using a 18-3/4", 10 ksi BOP and 21" OD riser.

In September Songa Offshore purchased the drill ship Glomar Robert Bauer. The rig was November 2005. The Songa Saturn has entered Tuzla Shipyard refurishment and re-certification.

The successful upgrading projet which took nearly 12 months consisted of steel replacement, new topside equipment, water depth upgrade to 3,300 ft and certain balast enhancements included a 5-year special periodic surver, Marks another milestone for Tuzla Shipyard.